Poets seeking to record accompanying audio readings have a variety of options. For simplicity, using Reverb (via their free website or app) may be the easiest—simply record and send us a link. They have a brief walkthrough here.

  • In short: Click record > Create account > Edit / Send link


  • Smartphones (via websites or apps)
  • Computers (via website, software, and/or equipment)
  • Equipment (professional microphone, pop filters, etc.)
  • Editing (audio adjustments, trimming, etc.)

General guides:

  • Record only your poetry (no intros or outros)
  • Be in a silent room (no background noise)
  • Avoid rustling papers
  • Don't be too close / far away
  • Practice! 

When done:

  • File format: an .mp3 file or direct link
  • Attach file to your poem's Submittable messages!